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Activity Post - [community profile] genessia

October 2016

12 video/action well that's weird
xxxxxTalking tiger meets talking tree.
23 action mortal arrogance
xxxxx"Lost in the hedge, are we? How unfortunate."
23 video something fishy
xxxxx"She's a bit obsessed with teeth." "She can only have them the same way everyone else gets them when they get too grabby."
23 action good choice, bad choice
xxxxxDumb tiger is a hobo, Trahearne tries to convince him not to do that.
23 video and I've been putting out fire... with gasoline!
xxxxxTannu makes his proper debut on the network, by mocking half the populace.
25 video terms and conditions
xxxxx"Also, and this is important, do you accept squirrel blood."
25 video curses left and right
xxxxx"If you're polite to a fae, they're polite to ye."
24 video frosty gal
xxxxx"Have you tried ripping them off? Might work."
25 video the nearest tavern is on that one street by the thing
xxxxx"Not to worry, there's another one just south of wherever."
30 video why do you want to talk to faeries?
xxxxxSome of them are mean.

November 2016

5 video/action the most badass cat I'll ever meet, hm?
xxxxxYou're certainly the most colorful.
21 video swords. what's the point of 'em with teeth?
xxxxxUnless you mean a different kind of sword fight...
21 action do you mind helping a girl out?
xxxxxThat depends on the type of help you want, doesn't it?
27 action singles night in multiple threads
xxxxxTannusen chats up Ted, puts Ni in a hard situation, and yells something from across the room at Trahearne... who he dragged to the event and ditched.
29 video the moon greets the rising sun
xxxxxTannu wishes a total stranger a happy birthday and implies he hangs out with his dad.
30 video/action for hire: mercenary
xxxxxGetting hired: Deadpool as an Event Manager at VL.

December 2016

4 action horticultural therapy
xxxxxTannusen oh-so-kindly suggests Trahearne get therapy.
11 text asking for a friend
xxxxxTannusen takes a very casual swipe at Grell's running platform for Everglade.
11 video it's not really a secret
xxxxx"Going to tell me your name this time, Legolas?" "Not if you keep flirting like that."
11 video there may be a uniform
xxxxxSome guy's looking for a gig. Very brief chat.
11 video something less fishy
xxxxxTannusen wonders of Oswald is a sluagh.
11 action I mean, unless you want me to skin you?
xxxxx"But I usually at least buy a guy dinner and flowers first..."
11 text shh, it's a test
xxxxx#BarkinGuardians #CatsAreBetter #HelloButtSniffer
13 action no, actually, do mind the tiger
xxxxxTiger-form Tannusen harasses Sonico in Trahearne's shop.
14 action too many war wounds and not enough wars
xxxxxTannusen is "displeased with shit", Trahearne is suddenly missing a couch-surfer. He goes looking.
18 video regretting those life choices
xxxxxTannu's invited to see Cassian's new house.
30 action who asked you
xxxxxTannusen drops in on Cassian after the guy's had a bad day. He tries very hard not to make it worse. Probably fails.

January 2017

1 action ringing in the new year
xxxxx"Why can't ye just sit inside and watch the telly like everyone else at this hour?"
1 action it ain't my fault
xxxxxFlirting between monsters, round 2. Ding!
4 video/action tiger vs tuna
xxxxxTannusen meets and hires Kani.
4 action tell me what’s the difference, don’t they all just look the same inside?
xxxxxOPEN VELVET LUST POST. Tannusen meets Abel, Szelhamos, Reinhardt, Sebastian, and Koishi.
5 video what the hell do you want with dragon balls?
xxxxxTannusen asks the important questions.
6 video/action what the fuck is this conversation even
xxxxxCassian invites Tannusen over again. Things get real weird, real fast.
8 video so, in summary
xxxxxShiemi asks what happened in the election.
8 action a pooka is a pooka
xxxxxTannusen goes against his better judgement and tries to talk to a sadSonico. This time with human vocal chords.
8 text finding talent is a real pain sometimes
xxxxxTannusen snoops around one of the Guardians' business.
13 action/audio terrible things happen to good people every day
xxxxxMultiple threads involving the Quiet Minds event and its aftermath.
27 action counting bodies like sheep, to the rhythm of the war drums
xxxxxTannusen goes back to Trahearne's apartment after everyone's cured.
16 action forward dated to after the water event because something something something
xxxxxCassian tracks Tannusen down to talk about what happened in the Quiet Minds event.
22 action ain't into metal, just leather and lace and the taste of oxidation
xxxxxOPEN VELVET LUST POST. Telsen gets a job, Bracken meets a tiger.
24 text sorry Sonico
xxxxx"Still, I can't imagine you were that bad."
24 video/action little cats, big droids, and big cats
xxxxxTannusen meets K-2S0.
27 action just one dance
xxxxxKani tries Tannusen, and loses.
30 video talkin' shit with Wade
xxxxx"They should record you for another hologram at the Bay."
29 video so... who signed you up for the mystery date?
xxxxxNamur is displeased with the date auction.
30 action motorized mayhem
xxxxxTannusen invites Trahearne to meet Jethro, who is a motorcycle.

February 2017

1 action a minute of your time, at most
xxxxxTannusen apologizes to a fleeing Ted.
3 action burying the voices of my conscience hitting ground
xxxxxTannu in the park, trying to figure out something creative he can do to bolster his permament Glamour... and failing.
3 action the less we know, the better we feel
xxxxxCassian meets Jethro!
7 action date auction
xxxxxTannu banters with Trahearne, and is amused at someone's crappy description of the absent Cassian.
9 video new people and you!
xxxxxJarlaxle's return to the city.
10 audio not a single goddamn question
xxxxxTannu trolling Cass on the network again. Why does this guy like him, again?
12 action a nightmare by any other name...
xxxxxTannusen wakes up a Trahearne who's having horrible nightmares at night.
13 action so I guess I’ll just believe it that tomorrow never knows
xxxxxTannu invites Cass to see the new apartment.
18 text/action questions of morality
xxxxxA philosophical talk with Amalu on a topic Tannu's given a lot of thought to over the years.
19 action a near miss
xxxxxTannu does not meet Kimmuriel.
19 action here we go again, we're sick like animals we play pretend
xxxxxTannusen is a nice kitty. (Or, you know, a massive jerk. Because cat.) Genjo Sanzo is thrilled.
23 action nagging raven
xxxxxTannu hasn't been playing with Ni as much lately and the evil priest is displeased. Threatening banter ensues.
25 action why don't you watch where you're stumbling?
xxxxxCassian is attacked by Ni in Velvet Lust. It lasts for about three seconds.
26 audio we didn't start the fire
xxxxxDeadpool gets advice from Tannusen about dumpster fires. Really good advice. Mostly to apply more fire.
26 text 🍠 POTATO WARS 01
xxxxxThe start of a legend.
27 video/action bunnies in the sky
xxxxxBracken wants to show Tannusen a trick. And drawings!
28 action and if I told you everything, would you call me crazy?
xxxxxOPEN VELVET LUST POST. Cass falls off a barstool, Szel and Tannu soulsmash, Wade fuzzles the tiger, Kani gives Tannu a present...

March 2017

1 text Everglade is always such a fun topic innit
xxxxx"As someone else said it's just more dangerous. That can be a fun thing, though."
3 action exploring Everglade
xxxxxTannu has a brief chat with a ghost in Everglade.
4 video culinary expertise
xxxxxTannu doesn't have much of one at this point.
3 text/action 🍠 POTATO WARS 02: second verse, same as the first
xxxxxAre you ready for a sequel? Cassian lovs the cronch.
5 text what is justice?
xxxxx"It's a question that will get you a ton of edgelord responses, I'm sure."
4 video 🍠 POTATO WARS 03: that damn cat
xxxxxOoh! Cat! I know that word!
8 action nightmares that drive you across multiple cities...
xxxxxTannusen has a bad enough nightmare about Cass that he flees to his subarchway to make sure he's okay.
11 action being crazy didn't stop for convenience
xxxxxA few days after Tannusen and Trahearne move in with Cassian.
12 text Kay references the potato wars for his woes
xxxxxThis is vengeance for the ravioli and potato posts, is it not?
11 video holy shit
xxxxxTannusen hits on Jasper from Steven Universe. Cuz, damn, girl.
11 video/audio/action Jasper get off the network
xxxxxJasper takes to the network to hunt Tannusen down out of sheer rage. Be still, his beating heart.
11 video who let the faerie have video editing software? shit
xxxxxTannusen makes this shitpost, Everglade edition.
13 text is this a giant bear bear or a giant bear bear
xxxxxI don't have any advice for that type of bear.
16 video detective Kani is on the case
xxxxx"...Chief, you in Cassy's house?"
17 text woke up with a surprise
xxxxxThe start of the posts about the pokemon eggs. "Is this is how storks and babies work for humans?"
17 video what are your thoughts on bananas?
xxxxxNo, really. It will be important someday.
20 video Bracken does not like pants
xxxxx"They feel like a cage for the fun parts."
20 action carryin' on about an egg
xxxxxTannu smooches Cass' cheek on the network, then banters with him in person about the eggs they woke up with.
25 action no really, I didn't do it! this time!
xxxxxThere's a seal in the sink and Cassian is displeased.
25 audio/video a legendary pokemon in hell
xxxxx"I think your china might just be doomed."
29 action first thing's first, I'mma say all the words inside my head
xxxxxTannusen's out in public in his other form.
31 voice grandma get off the internet
xxxxx"You have to use your imagination. Or... a sharpie."

April 2017

3 video so do I get them a big hamster wheel, or what?
xxxxxTannusen's pokemon are tussling and he's not sure what is up with them because they're rodents.
6 audio here we go again
xxxxxSzel's looking for something to keep his pokemon from chewing up the help because it's annoying.
8 action best place ever, he loves it, two thumbs up
xxxxxJarlaxle visits Velvet Lust.
9 video lovelier by the moment
xxxxxCassian is all chipper and friendly on the network for some reason. *eyebrow waggle*
10 text ree-roo, ree-roo
xxxxxTannu trolls the shit out of Icy while she's anonymously trying to be ominous.
12 text love is embarassing
xxxxx"Also grats on the anniversary we're ignoring."
16 text anonymous text
xxxxxTannusen anonymously asks about Heaven, for... reasons.
16 action I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
xxxxxEspionage, Tannusen-style. Tannusen needs to steal a very important book from Szel's library. So. So that's a thing.
18 action a Faerie knew perfectly well a book didn't have to be a book
xxxxxTannusen wakes Lil up and starts the process of learning how to kill Cassian to free him from Hastur.
20 video/action enemy of mine, I'll fuck you like the devil
xxxxxTannu cheekily asks the network about braile, and far less cheekily lets Dorian figure out who he's researching Heaven for.
23 text bb all you stole was mah heart
xxxxxWade's noticed the shift in Tannusen's mood.
27 action sweet and salty
xxxxxTannu's brief time inside the carnival; poking at K-2S0.
27 video/action you know I give my love a f-f-four letter na-na-name
xxxxxTannusen accidentally sends a public broadcast on the network asking Cassian to come get him after an incident.
27 action if you get hungry enough, they say, you start eating your own heart
xxxxxTannu and Szel have a chat inside Tannusen's sleeping mind after the drugs wear off.
28 action we realize happy endings are not for everyone, they're not for us
xxxxxOPEN VELVET LUST POST. Grievous gets kicked out, Dorian hands over his research, and Garrus falls off a barstool.

May 2017

3 action I move the stars for no one!
xxxxxWhat starts as a funny trolling video of Cass ends in a private cute moment where Tannu sings to him.
4 text accepting nominations
xxxxxTannu makes a few nominations and mostly banters with others in the comments.
6 action giant seafood attack
xxxxxThere's a huge crab attacking Velvet Lust and Tannusen is not pleased.
7 video one serious answer and one not
xxxxxTannu imagines everyone in lacy underthings. Especially Guardians.
8 audio help Bade Bilson with a math question
xxxxx"Depends, are we talking single ply scratchy rest-stop stuff, or the nice shit with the creepy bears as mascots?"
8 video you look like a grumpy one
xxxxx"Darlin' I always have fun. What else is the point?"
8 video Spock's arrival
xxxxxTannusen does the newbie help shuffle, a little bit.
8 action is it you, fancy pants?
xxxxxTannu meets Ratchet and almost maims him before drugging him up instead. Whoops.
8 video so many newbies in one day
xxxxxCamael's arrival. "I mean it. One dumb meow and I'm hanging up, immediately."
10 video/text/audio I memorize the words to the porno movies, this is a new religion to me
xxxxxTannusen makes the PSA that his recent poisoning was consenting and please stop being heroes, heroes.
11 video/text/action there's only two types of people in the world...
xxxxxTannusen makes an open recruitment video for Velvet Lust. Hires Camael, Cassian Andor, and Sonico.
11 text anonymous hypotheticals
xxxxxTannu discusses totally hypothetical zombies with an anon on the network.
16 video always such a charmer!
xxxxxTrolling Greg Grievous. We'll always have Paris.
17 action I'm a ghost, you're an angel... one and the same, just remains of an age...
xxxxxOPEN VELVET LUST POST. Cad hangs out, Sonico performs, and Peter/Rocket/Garrus have a meeting.
21 text what a good picture of his grumpy face
xxxxxTannu mocks Cassian Andor with Emerald.
23 action with my feet upon the ground
xxxxxHastur!Cass almost eats a snooping Garrus, and Tannusen murders Cassian to break his curse.
23 action if love's a fight then I shall die, with my heart on a trigger
xxxxxTannusen stumbles around the hospital six hours after Cassian's death, and eventually finds the priest alive and recovering.
27 text but the blood on my hands scares me to death, maybe I’m waking up today
xxxxxTannu sends private texts out to his employees, Dorian, and Szelhamos.

June 2017

1 action I was hung from a tree made of tongues of the weak...
xxxxxOPEN VELVET LUST POST. Flug gets hired, Grell stops in for tea, Lil is too cute, Cam gets outed, Pagan needs a tailor.