Dec. 17th, 2016

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Everything about pooka I can link to online is about what silly little shits they are and ha ha they're always playing games and laughing ha ha ha. I'm like BUT THAT'S JUST THE LIKE, SQUIRRELS AND SHIT... which is all anyone plays anyway.

But then the Pooka-specific book has one specific chunk as well as mentioning here and there that predator pooka are especially unnerving and alarming to everyone else.

A section taken straight from the World of Darkness: Changeling, Pooka kithbook:

xxxxxExotic Pooka

xxxxxOver the past ten years, some very odd pooka have begun to surface. Every country in the world has its own myths regarding the role of animals. Not all pooka come from the Americas or Europe. Scholars have documented pooka with affinities that range from camels to jaguars, cobras to zebras, and yaks to penguins. Though these types of pooka are extremely rare and very surprising, they do exist.

xxxxxThis type of pooka tends to be more dangerous than those who have citified affinities. The wild runs more freely in their blood. Most don't fit well in cities, though some have learned to adapt. If for no other reason, most of these pooka avoid cities because they put themselves in extreme danger when they shift into their animal affinity. Imagine the reaction of the mortal populace if a crocodile or lion were spotted in its apartment or roaming the streets. Most people would, at best, call the authorities and, at worst, shoot on sight. Although it doesn't hurt pooka to remain in their humanoid form indefinitely, they grow stir-crazy and irritable if they don't indulge their affinity from time to time. Many find relief from this by taking regular trips into the countryside for weekends of slithering, ranging, animalistic relaxation.

xxxxxThose pooka whose animals risk extinction walk a very fine line. It has been noted that once an animal disappears from the world, the pooka related to it gradually disappear as well. Though some pooka have affinities with animals already extinct, they fear that next time around, they won't reincarnate and will disappear as well. These changelings feel the loss of the species like a never-healing wound and mourn that loss throughout their limited existence. No one knows if they can reincarnate as a more common type of pooka or if these faerie souls will be lost forever upon the death of their mortal bodies.


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