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Apr. 28th, 2017 01:04 am
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Contacting the player:

PMing my character journals is the easiest way. We can exchange messenger IDs from there. I have: Astra (trillian), AIM, Skype, and Discord.

You can also find me on plurk at [ profile] aroihkin, on tumblr at [ profile] aroihkin, and on deviant art at... you guessed it! [ profile] aroihkin.


Alleyana Lavellan | Dragon Age | [personal profile] inquisitor_lavellan
The Inquisitor, the Herald of Andraste, Inquisitor First-Thaw, Comtesse of Kirkwall, and Red Jenny. She has stopped two wars, sealed the Breach in the sky twice, and forced world leaders to cooperate with one another for the common good... more than once. Down one limb and still not done, not yet. Try her.

Amberdrake | The Heralds of Valdemar | [personal profile] amberdrake
Amberdrake is a kestra'chern, a type of healer and therapist who focuses on healing both the body and the mind. He has both the Healing Gift and the Empathic Gift, as well as decades of training that required neither. Taken from after his second book, this is his fourth game... and he remembers them all.

Jessica Jones | Marvel Cinematic Universe | [personal profile] make_a_decision
Text will go here someday. Jessica would appreciate my lack of effort, I'm sure.

Koumyou Sanzo | Saiyuki | [personal profile] its_dad_sanzo
Koumyou is a rather difficult man to describe. The Buddhist high priest is tasked with guarding the Seitan Sutra, which governs over holiness and the yang principle, while he himself is often compared to the moon, beautiful and unreachable, observing the world from afar. And indeed, the moonlight itself is markedly stronger in his presence.

Tannusen | World of Darkness (OC) | [personal profile] black_black_heart
A bengal tiger Pooka Faerie. Heir to a minor criminal empire that hides its inner workings inside a traveling circus troupe, Tannusen has been in two more circus troupes since escaping his father's at sixteen. A survivor of severe trauma and abuse, he hides himself under a mask now as surely as he ever did while walking the tight-rope for a crowd.

code by photosynthesis

On death and combat:

I prefer to avoid killing or 'permanently' maiming my characters unless it's part of a discussed plot.

I like combat RP! But I have to know the other player won't turn it into a pissing match. Most of my characters are not pushovers; even my pacifistic non-combatant Amberdrake has a trick or three up his sleeve for when people get violent with him.

So, as a general rule, I prefer to have RP'd with someone a bunch before doing combat, and like to know who's winning in advance (my friends and I often use online dice rolls for this, after discussing the odds for each, unless it's going to be a floor-wipe).
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