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Velvet Lust is a well-known gay bar and club, open to the public only at night. A character doesn't have to be LGBT to come here, but any anti-LGBT patrons that make themselves known will be thrown right out onto the street. It's a two-story building with a large, cursive neon purple sign that reads, 'Velvet Lust'. A single thick oaken wood door leads inside.

If your character is under 18, please let me know OOCly if they try to get in -- I won't know just based off of your icons, and I'm canon-blind to most things. There's magical wards involved to detect kids, and player-character security staff to escort them back out. Any sylvari are an exception, as they're "born" as adults; same for droids/AI. This is purely to keep kids away from booze.

Downstairs: the bar

xxxxxxxxxxThis is clearly the main room of the establishment; large enough to be spacious, yet not so big that it doesn't have that "bar just down the street" feel to it. Here is a place where the old is mixed with the new, all within a well-lit and welcoming environment designed to handle the nightly crowd.

xxxxxxxxxxAlong the wall to the right is where the long, dark oaken bar stands, its edges covered in smoothed chrome designs that gleam in the overhead lights. Stools made of oakwood also line its perimeter, and ash-trays of sparkling glass are placed here and there on its surface, some filled with pennies and some completely empty. To the left are two sets of pool tables, the felt green and neatly kept. At the back of the place is a reasonably-large stage that's raised a good foot off the ground. A large purple neon sign hangs on the back wall above the stage, it reads: Velvet Lust.

xxxxxxxxxxTables are scattered throughout the main floor between the stage, bar, and the pool tables, leaving plenty of room to navigate but not so much that the place feels hollow. Off to the far right back corner is a staircase that leads upwards, the metal sign gleaming above the guard-rail reading 'Desire's Lounge, club and dancefloor'.

xxxxxxxxxxA small menu sits upright atop each table, tucked in a thick red velvet covered folder, and they are available at the bar by request. The construction of old in the back corner has given way to thick oaken double doors set to swing in either direction as the wait-staff -- usually only one to three people -- come and go with orders. This isn't a full restaurant, after all.

xxxxxxxxxxThe menu is mostly drinks, with a few simple meals for very reasonable prices. The house special is steak, served rare.

Upstairs: Desire's Lounge, club and dance-floor

xxxxxxxxxxDesire's Lounge seems a bit more 'glittery' than the mellow downstairs bar. Music thrums from the loud speakers throughout the lounge, the overhead lights moving and pulsing along with the beat, the glittering disco-ball in the center of the room spinning faster or slower in accompaniment.

xxxxxxxxxxThe lounge itself is arranged so that the entrance actually puts newcomers almost directly in the middle of it, right on the edge of the dance floor. To the right, and moving on around the back wall is the lounge's bar. There are assorted tables and chairs throughout the area, loosely skirting the dance floor. A couple of booths line the shadowy areas in the corner, the dark red upholstery gleaming like blood in the light.

xxxxxxxxxxThe wall at the back of the room hosts a fairly large stage that is upraised. Another, smaller oaken bar is here, attached to the stage's rim, and stools cluster around it as well. This one isn't staffed by bartenders; just a convenient surface and front row seats more than anything else. Above what would probably be considered the 'entrance' to the stage on the back wall is another neon sign, this one rainbow: Desire's Lounge. Along the back left wall is the DJ's booth.

xxxxxxxxxxOverall, this is where the 'club' part of the bar is. It's a place where a person's true desires can come to the forefront without judgement... as long as it's legal.


♔ Proprietor:

World of Darkness (OC)
[personal profile] black_black_heart

💪 Security:

Steven Universe (OC)
[personal profile] tektite

Star Wars Universe
[personal profile] k2so

💃 Event Manager:

Wade Wilson
Marvel Comics
[personal profile] fukkinawesome

🍃 Waitstaff:

Guild Wars 2 (OC)
[personal profile] telsen

🍻 Bartender:

Caramel Camarao Camael
Original Setting (OC)
[personal profile] thegoodthief

🍴 Cook:

Jagger Crowe
Original Setting
[personal profile] jaglikethecar

🎤 Entertainment:

Sonico Super
Super Sonico the Animation
[personal profile] sonicosuper

Original Setting
[personal profile] brinewitch

xxxxxCurrent NPC Staff

NPCs are just provided for consistency, they're not always there but can be assumed to be during a scene without a PC equivalent around.
Upstairs bartender: Valerie, based off Vivienne from Dragon Age Inquisition. She takes no shit from no one. Black, bald, and fashionable AF.
Downstairs bartender: Bob, based off Bob from Speed Grapher... who was visually based off Bob Ross. Cheerful and good-natured.

xxxxxCurrent Openings

waitstaff (x1) *
bartender (x1) **
entertainment (always open, for variety) * for non-celebrity, *** for celebrity
??? if your character wants to work at Velvet and doesn't fit the above openings, hit me up anyway

All employees get a set number of free steaks, and a set dollar amount of free drinks, per week. Other arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis (for example, Tektite is allowed to live on the roof).

The Rules and Consequences

The Rules

xxxxx♠️ No harassment.
xxxxxxxxxxSexual or otherwise, on either floor of the establishment. If someone starts shouting, starts visibly trying to get away from you, or worse -- is visibly Not Having It while you try to escort them out the door... folks are going to notice.

xxxxx♣️ No fighting.
xxxxxxxxxxAs of May 2017, Velvet Lust has had a single fight and it lasted for about three seconds. There are way too many measures in place to allow for that nonsense. Don't do it unless you're willing to have your character removed from the place in three seconds or less.

xxxxx♥️ No anti-LGBTA rhetoric or actions.
xxxxxxxxxxVelvet Lust allows anyone of (Canadian) legal drinking age through their doors... at least, until they're proven to be a problem. The primary purpose of this gay bar is to be a safe space for the LGBTA community, the very name of it is meant to evoke an image (ICly) that keeps a certain element out.
xxxxxxxxxxStraight? Cis? We don't care, come in and have a good time! Just don't be a prat to the rest of the clientele. Or the staff.

xxxxx♦️ No kids.
xxxxxxxxxxAs noted at the top of this post, there's measures in place to keep under-aged characters out of Velvet Lust. Is it because the place is rife with orgies and 1960s-era propaganda "gay people are all pedophiles!" nonsense? Not in the least. It's because it's a bloody bar. In most parts of Canada, the drinking age is 19, including the province the original Velvet Lust was located in. Tannusen's lowered it to 18 for this version, and makes exceptions for species that are adults sooner/by default. But no kids sneaking in, please, unless you want to RP being escorted right back out again.

The Consequences

xxxxxEither of the PC security staff may step in, or any other staffer... or even some of the regular patrons. And if you're really unlucky...? Tannusen may step in. Standard procedure is to toss the offender out onto their ass on the sidewalk. Repeat offenders will be banned entirely and added to the security wards.

xxxxxParticularly egregious repeat offenders have been known to just... not be seen again. Maybe... maybe they just got the hint?

xxxxxKids trying to sneak in are obviously handled with a little more care, but they won't be staying inside the building.

xxxxxCredit: a bunch of code written by [personal profile] jewelry and tweaked accordingly. ❤️


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