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Optional study = yes.

Left bedroom with balcony = Trahearne's.

Right bedroom with bigger closet = Tannusen's.

+ Optional garage even though Jethro is usually in the apartment instead.

Regency Apartments ****
Pine Ave. and 9th St. - A beautifully crafted building, but also one of the most expensive. The first floor contains a laundry room, fitness room, a clubhouse for entertaining several guests, and an enormous area dedicated to an indoor swimming pool and adjacent hot tub. Residents live on the second to fourth floors in luxurious apartments with two bedrooms each, with a warm and well-lit interior. The entrances to each apartment are on the inside of the building, which has an elevator for convenience. Each living room possesses a gas fireplace, there are walk-in closets in the bedrooms, and air conditioning is provided for its residents. There are also private garages available for an additional fee of *. One penthouse is available at any given time for an additional **. There are 4 floors available plus a 5th with the penthouse.

Total cost: ****+**+* (7)


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