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Character Name: Tannusen
Claimed By: Cassian Lynch, Trahearne, Deadpool, Dorian Pavus, K-2SO, Bracken, Tektite

Primary beneficiary: Cassian Lynch
Secondary beneficiary: Trahearne
Tertiary beneficiary: Deadpool

If all three are gone or are disinterested, Dorian Pavus is next in line. After him, 'real' Velvet Lust employees in order of seniority, and finally, Bob the spirit-generated local.

Written Letter:

To Whomever Inherits My Shit,

Please keep Velvet Lust going and in the spirit that it has had thus far. If you knock out the floor in the tiny office off the kitchen, you will find a spiral staircase down into the basement. Do what you will with the contents. The tiger pelt and skull in the bin in the corner was mine in my previous life, I ask only that you not turn it into a decoration.

The small ball-like object, if it is found in the basement, is to be returned to Szelhamos unless it wakes up and asks for a different fate. Any books you cannot read should go to him as well.

Jethro, my motorcycle, should be returned to the subarchway I opened before it closes, unless you are willing to treat him as a person and leave plenty of books in his vicinity. And coffee.

And, finally...

I'm sorry.


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