May. 27th, 2017

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xxxxxA bengal tiger Pooka Faerie. Heir to a minor criminal empire that hides its inner workings inside a traveling circus troupe, Tannusen has been in two more circus troupes since escaping his father's at sixteen. A survivor of severe trauma and abuse, he hides himself under a mask now as surely as he ever did while walking the tight-rope for a crowd.

xxxxxAs a member of the one kith that exists in three worlds at once instead of two, Tannusen is as much a tiger as he is a Faerie as he is a human. He can shift shape accordingly, turning into a six hundred pound, nine and a half foot long (white) bengal tiger. This isn't a ruse, it's as much him as any humanoid shape would be, and even other Faeries can't tell by looking or kenning if a shifted pooka is actually "just" an animal or not.

xxxxxTannusen is a Player Character from multiple (old/classic) World of Darkness MUSHes. As such, he's sort of CRAU but... not in a way anyone in DWRP would care about. It's much like I took my old D&D character I used to play in tabletop and brought him here. Still, many of the events referenced in his background are things that happened in the course of RP, from the original Velvet Lust to Isaac and so on.

Velvet Lust -

Jethro -

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